An Introduction (of sorts)

Posted: 2002-03-04 in General

I started a weblog on another site after reading someone else's for a while and thinking, "Hey, that's a great idea! Besides the fact that I tend to reformat my hard drive every few months and lose handwritten journals, I'd love to be able to spend as much time prettifying a site with entries I write as writing the entries themselves!" So I started a weblog. I didn't update it very regularly, I went through multiple site transitions, and ended up deciding that I didn't want to pay money for someone else to store my stuff. So for a while I transitioned to a movable-type blog, and purchased my own domain to use…. oncearoundtheblog. After I got tired of not updating there, I decided to switch to Vox, for the ease of posting and linking, and ability to allow access to just friends, family, neighborhood, and/or combinations of the previous three.  It should allow me to express myself a little more freely and some of the little features will be fun to use, too.

If you're scanning through entries here, be aware that entries prior to 4/6/2004 were on diaryland, and entries prior to 2/26/2007 were on my other blog. These entries are only transferred over to this one to keep continuity in check. References to site layouts all refer to pre-existing (and no longer existing) layouts, and should be ignored. The same goes for links that don't work anymore…I tried to fix them all but if I missed one, oh well.

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