Who Wants to Be a Bajillionaire?

Posted: 2002-03-05 in General

Unlike a lot of people, I don't think that work sucks. Hell yes, if I won the lottery, I'd quit my job in a minute. But that's only because with that kind of moolah I could find lots of things to keep me entertained and let me lead a life of vibrant luxury and interesting escapades. But since my brother is the one that always finds money on the street, and I see no unknown wealthy heirs leaving me their entire estate because our middle names are the same, I'll rely on my full-time job and annual salary to keep me busy and well-fed.

Besides, work can't be all bad if I can spend time writing this and still get paid, right?

Work, to me, involves a bunch of different things. That's because I was really lucky and landed this cushy job with an engineering company that not only pays for my graduate degree, but pays me to attend classes!. How sweet is that? Anyway, I would have to say that I earned this job, since I busted my ass (most of the time) during college trying to get good grades and succeed in a double-major in the UVA engineering school. Yeah, I drank. Yeah, I procrastinated. But when it came right down to it, I could only socialize 1-2 nights a week on a regular basis. I won't even discuss the amount of partying I could have done if I majored in something like History or *ahem* Environmental Science.

So, anyway, here I am, in a 3-year program that's gonna nab me a master's degree and make me work my ass off again (TANSTAAFL folks). I'm talking 60-70 hours per week with no overtime. Not fun, but keeps you busy (or at least, is supposed to keep you busy. If you don't do your work at work, that's your problem).

  • To become well-versed in all of the Electrical Engineering theory of this past half-century?
  • To further my knowledge and my leadership potential by going through this training program?
  • Or am I just out to make maximum money in the field with minimum effort?

I'd have to say, door number three is looking pretty damn likely right now…

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a greedy fellow. I don't pinch pennies, and although I tend to go for the generic brand of many food products, I only do it when I happen to think about it. Why such a fuss over money then? Sometimes I don't know. Sometimes I am so sick of thinking of money and what I owe and what I earn and what I need to do to earn more that I want to just quit my job and become a janitor and listen to music on a headset all day while I mindlessly sweep a gym somewhere. Or maybe learn a trade in carpentry or plumbing.

Of course, that chateau in the Swiss Alps would be nice….maybe I should get my brother to buy a lottery ticket for me…

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