Words on a Page, Words on My Mind

Posted: 2002-03-05 in General

I've always liked to write. That's not to say that my writing is any good…just that I like to write. I remember when I was back in elementary school and I wrote a story about traveling in a submarine with Jacques Cousteau…and later in the same story, finding a magic wand that let me make the school I attended so light that I picked it up and blew it away.

I don't know what it is…maybe I'm too mentally disciplined and can't help but try to keep three steps ahead of where my thoughts flow onto the paper, making half of what I write sound stilted, the other half unoriginal. I think my hands can't keep up with me when I try to write longhand…I always have done better on a computer, even if I again have introduced myself to a medium where thought can overwhelm creativity, as I rapidly press the backspace key over a mistake and stop to ponder my choice of words.

A typewriter is what I need. Forsake the electronic era, skirt the realms of the fountain pen, and move into the time of Underwoods and Hammonds, Lamberts and Bennetts, with their steel teeth tapping away and leaving me marking time with my fingertips, my keys, my paper, and my eyes….everything but my brain. Hook that in parallel with my fingers, forget to review my words, let mistakes and miskeys wend their way into the soul of the words, adding to the body of my thoughts without shouting of their need to be corrected…

I digress, however. In lieu of a typewriter, I plan to enter my thoughts here, in this online publication of my consciousness. The handwritten has failed me in the past (though I may blame my lack of determination to stick with the task at hand over any fault of my pen) and I abhor the thought of fine lines of text popping up next to the image of a dancing paperclip. I shall use this as my refuge of thought, my bastion of the mind and my escape from the daily turmoil that flows through one's skull like a muddy river, strong with the winter's thaw. I will not always be so formal, so descriptive, so flowery. I will not always keep my thoughts in order, or let somber thoughts flood the words I type. I will be honest – sometimes happy, sometimes blue, but always honest.

And here I begin…

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