Going Batty…er….Catty

Posted: 2002-04-05 in General

I meant to get to this entry earlier this week, but with work and procrastination, I've been more likely to sit down on my couch and vegetate than to sit at my computer and type. There's another reason why I haven't been writing anything lately, and it's the main subject of this entry – I am now the proud co-inhabitant of a cute little siamese cat! Yes that's right, I finally got my shit together and my place straightened up (I had a deal with myself – no cat until I cleaned my place and organized my stuff) and this past Easter weekend went to one of the local cat rescue groups and brought a little bundle of purrs and joy into my apartment!

I had planned to just go into the kitty-place to look for any cat that was short-haired and didn't spazz out when I petted him/her (I want to be able to pet my cat, not just live aside it), and thought I'd just take my time about doing it. However, this one little cat came strolling into the room as if she owned it and came over right away and sat in the lap of one of the ladies who ran the joint. With a taste of disdain, she sniffed my outstretch hand and then consented to my gentle caress of her neck and back. Within a minute, she was curled up in my lap, purring like a mini-chainsaw and gently kneading my leg with her front paws. I didn't really think it was fair to look at the other cats when this one had so obviously chosen me (and besides, by this point, I really wanted to take her home with me!)

So I looked over the vet history, paperwork, etc, and before I knew it, I was taking my little kitty-cat home to my previously catless apartment so she could help stink up the place, cover it with cat-hair, and basically do everything a good cat does.

The only thing left to do of course, was name her properly. The name the ladies at the rescue-place gave her was "Lovey", which may have accurately described her, but I was damned if I was gonna let her keep that name. Not only could I not see myself telling my coworkers and friends and family that my cat was called "Lovey", I couldn't even see myself calling her that when I came home from a long day at work and needed some time to relax with a cat in my lap…It took me a couple days, but I came up with the right name for her, and stick it shall…My little siamese is known as none other than Picabo (which you skiers and girl-power people will recognize is pronounced "Peek-a-Boo" and is the common name of Olympic medalist Picabo Street). Not only is this a fitting female-cat name, but it fits physically, as for the first few days in my apartment, Picabo would constantly run under the bed and hide, only to peek out from behind a pillow or blanket every time I got down on my hands and knees to look under the bed.

Anyway, I've been getting used to Picabo at the same time she's been getting used to me, and DeeDee's been over a couple times just to confuse her and get her used to a new person, too. Since she and I are looking at places to move to in order to live together (*gasp*, right?), we wanted to make sure that she wouldn't be too allergic to Picabo (she has some mild cat allergies) and that everything was gonna work out okay. It looks like Picabo's gonna have to be banned from the bedroom to cut down on the allergens that cover the bed, but other than that, things look good.

Wow, this entry's getting long, so I think I better finish things up for today.

Currently Reading

I finished Stepsister a while back and She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb just recently. Both were really good, and I breezed through 'em. For those of you who are wondering about my sexuality since I only seem to be reading chick-type books recently, I'm simply alternating a few of my favorite sci-fi and classics-type novels with some of those my girlfriend is recommending for me. I enjoy 'em, but I can't fill my book-diet with just chick-books, so I'm taking a hiatus for a few days. Currently, I'm reading a compilation of Jack London's stories. The first one, "To Build a Fire" was so incredibly captivating. I can't wait to get into more of them. I'm also trying to force my way back into either The Brothers Karamozof or Crime and Punishment, both by Dostoyevski. I've heard a lot about Brothers and I've read C&P before, so I'm excited to get into them, but you have to be in the right mood (i.e. Depressed) in order to enjoy them fully, and I'm not for that right now. Finally, I'm trying to get into Shadow of the Hegemon by Orson Scott Card. I liked the other books in the Ender Wiggin saga, but this one deals with Peter and Bean in the post-bugger-Earth society, and I have the feeling it has an extraordinary amount of politics involved, so it might take some work getting into. I'll fill you in on how these go as I get along in 'em!

Currently Watching

Nothing again, dammit. I'm still at work.

Currently Listening To

MP3's that I ripped off my CDs and put on my work computer. Until they ban the use of mp3 backups at work, I'm cool to have 'em on here (as long as I don't share or transmit them anywhere. Got a mix of Green Day, Euphoria, System of a Down, Savage Garden, Cranberries, Dave Matthews, Bad Religion, R.E.M., BOCA (Best of College A Capella), and others on here. Yes, I know I'm psycho and my mix of music is eclectic. Deal with it, or wear earplugs.

Currently Thinking About

Getting out of here on a Friday afternoon and drinking heavily. I'm trying NOT to think about how much work on this damn project I'm going to have to do this weekend. Oh yeah, and worrying about the places I'm going townhouse/apartment hunting this weekend with DeeDee. And wishing DeeDee and I were in some tropical paradise right now. And worrying if Picabo's doing okay. And wondering why all this stuff is on my mind when I can't do anything about it right now.

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