Ugly Week in Review

Posted: 2002-04-12 in General

It's been an ugly week. Lemme fill you in on what's been happening.

1. Neural Nets from hell. This project won't die. It also won't get any more completed. I feel like I'm running as fast as I can but aren't getting anywhere. I keep spending time on this project and I come up with more things to do. Hopefully my group and I can get together this weekend and put this puppy to sleep, or at least sedate it heavily so we can sneak past it and run like the wind to the nearest bar/alcohol distributor.

2. Ants. They've invaded DeeDee's house, and she's not happy. In fact, she's freaked, in a disgusted sort of way. I don't blame her. The last time I had an ant problem I was subletting from someone and these ants kept sneaking in through a crack in the window and crawling all over my room. No less than three times I woke up to slap at something that was tickling me, quickly shuddering when I realized what I had just killed and what had just been walking all over me. But I digress…DeeDee's apartment is really nice, especially the way she decorated it, and having these creepy crawlies all around just sorta ruins the feel for things. I keep killing 'em and they keep coming back. I hope the apartment complex's exterminator gets here soon and nukes the suckers back into the stone age. Until then though, we're sorta stuck with 'em…which brings me to my third point:

3. Picabo. Unfortunately, for multiple individuals, it seems that Picabo will no longer be able to stay with me. It seems that residing in the cat's company sends my girlfriend into sniffles and sneezes (today, a simple minute's worth of petting set her off). While this may be something that you might think someone could deal with, it happens on such a frequent basis and to such a severe level that I can't imagine forcing DeeDee to go through such discomfort for umpteen number of years (let along hours) while Picabo lived with me. It's unthinkable to imagine that I could put someone I love so much in such a position….so when it comes down to DeeDee's comfort or having a cat, comfort wins every time, and the cat is gonna be sent packing back to the cat rescue place. I feel bad for her, but hopefully she gets a good home and someone who loves her and treats her right. If things had been different, I bet I could have really loved her a lot, but as is, I'm trying to just ignore her as much as possible (besides feeding and changing her litter box while she still resides at my place) to keep from getting too attached. I think it's working okay, I just now need the damned cat rescue people to return my calls/emails so I can get Picabo back to them ASAP! You see, I can't very well ask DeeDee to stay at my place while the cat's still there, and that means we have no place to escape to in order to avoid the ants. Guess we'll be sleeping with a can of bug spray next to the bed tonight.

This pretty much covers the crap I've had to go through this week. Other than this stuff, it's been a good week. The weather's getting nicer, the days are getting longer, and I'm just generally happy (even the above can't bring me down for long). Things are pretty good, overall. Now we just need to fumigate DeeDee's and my apartments, and take this project out to a field and shoot it, and I'll be set for life.

Currently Reading

Just finished breezing through W. Gibson's Neuromancer for about the bajillionth time. I needed a sci-fi break from the Oprah's Choice books for a bit, and Neuromancer's about as hardcore as they come (oh yeah, cyberpunk is cool and you know it!) I think I'm going to take up DeeDee's suggestion and start reading The Gold Coast by Nelson DeMille…I'll tell you how it goes.

Currently Watching

Nothing, I'm sick of TV. Maybe I'll catch a movie this weekend to help cheer things up.

Currently Listening To

Nothing strictly at the moment, but I just burned Garbage's new album…pretty interesting stuff, and it's pretty catchy to boot!

Currently Thinking About

My girlfriend here beside me and how lucky I am to have her. I think I'm going to end this now so I can go spend some time with her. Adios folks!

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