The Template Explained

Posted: 2002-05-14 in General

I spent most of the weekend working on a template for this journal. I'm one of those "amateur" web designers that knows html and the basics behind web-design, but has zero resources towards good web-design or image-processing software. Doesn't bother me, though, as I like to do things from scratch and see how they work out. Things may not look flashy when I'm done, but they'll look elegant or the lines'll look nice to the eye.

I started off thinking about some sort of book/pen/paper format, and found some nice little pictures of an open book to use for my sitemap images, and even went to the extent of modifying 'em to look like what I wanted, and then realized that I didn't really want them. I was looking back over my entries and recalled what I had written on my very first entry about typewriters…and at that moment, a new idea for my site was formed. I decided to switch from my old url to this new one at Typeset, not only to fit in with the theme, but because of what it means. To quote from

To set (written material) into type; compose.

I like this because I feel like I'm typesetting. Not in the literal sense where I'm taking written words and converting them into type, but in the figurative sense that I have this material in my head, floating around all chaotic and haphazard, and I'm composing it into this strucutred, ordered text — on, fittingly enough, a virtual page.

Anyways, the workday's almost over and I definitely haven't done as much as I had planned to do today. So au revoir, I'll be back soon, and possibly have a few suprises up my sleeve for the next couple of weeks..

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