Time Passes By…

Posted: 2002-09-26 in General

Boy….so much has happened in the past month, you just wouldn't believe it!

Okay, so maybe you would. After all, you don't think I haven't written an entry just because I've been lazy, do you? (Don't answer that…it's rhetorical…) Anyway, of course, the big highlight of the past month has to be the proposal to Dee (and acceptance of said proposal by her!) She's now my fiance, and wow is that cool! Nothing really changes between us (except that neither of us can stop staring at the lovely new piece of jewelery adorning her left ring finger), but people look at us differently…especially parents. Of course, Dee's family took it really well from right away, I think they were expecting something of the like (but in another year or so, definitely not so soon). My family was a bit shocked at first, especially my parents, and it took them a while to get the hang of the idea and really give us some heartfelt congratulations. I think maybe they weren't sure exactly how serious things were between us, and since I've been in this relationship less time than a previous one that ended after 2 years time, I think they were worried that I was jumping into things a little too quickly….

But Dee and I know differently, and I am soo incredibly psyched to think that we'll be getting married in the near future. I think our parental units were a little appeased by the fact that we're going to be waiting for a little over another year, until mid December of 2003. We've got classes as part of our leadership program for the next two years, and that'll be right after the fall semester of classes ends in 2k3, so we'll be able to schedule ourselves a nice little honeymoon with no interruptions or worries (woohoo!).

Anyway, a quick list of some other things that have happened recently (to catch up and get me back on track with this whole diary thang):

  • My Aunt got married in early September…the wedding was fun, if a little different from the norm. A good time was had by all! šŸ™‚
  • Started TDC (Technical Development Curriculum) classes here at work. It's basically an in-house version of "everything you should have learned at college, but were too drunk to pick up". Guest instructors from the pool of our many coworkers come in and speak for about 4 hours on some topic, whether it be Radar, Sonar, Thermodynamics, Probability, etc., and then assign us a problem. In groups, we solve this problem, and do individual write-ups. Estimated time to solve said problem? 4-5 hours. Estimated time to do said write-up? 15-20 hours! Yeah. Don't expect me to have any free time in the near future…that's for sure!
  • I bought a typewriter! $35 and it's in great shape…one of the Underwood models from either the 40's, 50's or 60's. I'm not exactly sure, but I'm having fun playing with it! It needs a new ribbon, and the 'y' key sticks when I type, but those are things I can live with and maybe deal with….and in the meantime, you can hear me tip-tap-typing from anywhere in my apartment, and possibly even outside!
  • I'm making a big effort to start eating healthier, exercising more, yadda yadda. Pretty much I want to get back into shape so I can get some of my running prowess back and not be one of those pitiful older guys who goes on and on about his college and high-school days and how good an athlete he was back then. I may never be able to run a 4:20 mile again, but I'd like to bring it down to about 4:45 or so again, and that requires regular training…Plus, I want to start road-biking it, and getting in shape will only help me there…

Okay, so that's quite enough for right now.  I'm getting envious of Tygerchild's new diary layout, and even though I know I can't come close to matching the prowess of the design's creator, Joanna, I'm going to try to work on a new layout. I think now that I have photoshop I'm going to get a little creative and try to do something funky with a giant typewriter image surrounding my entries, and the text either where the keys or the paper would be. We'll see how it goes, but it's something to play with. And playing is something that Rosses do best!

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