Older Feelings

Posted: 2002-10-25 in General

She says she loves me.
But I'm not sure.

Twisted truths flock to the liars
while friends fail to notice and
enemies treat you oh so kindly.

Circular feelings bringing me back
to the start
where I confront her in my head.

Tears and shame from the old men who
stand for chess and
sit for nobody.

I hear a whimper.

I taste her fear.

She cries on my shoulder with dewdrop tears
up and down my shirt.

Kissing the smears and anguish on her face.

Knowing that seeing her is seeing
everybody, nobody.

The sun turns dark and illuminates
the window
where I can see her heart.

If only…

She said she loved me.
But I'm not sure.

7/26/99 10:00 PM

[Note: This was written back in college and I found it in one of my spiral notebooks.  I wanted to preserve it somewhere, so I posted it here after the fact. -RPG]

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