A Proposition and a Goal

Posted: 2002-12-11 in General

Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy. I've decided I'm going to stop apologizing when I go on a N-week hiatus from my entries, since I keep resolving to become more consistent at when I write and it never pans out. From now on, you're just going to have to suck it up and go without when I'm not writing, okay?

Seriously though, rather than play catchup with what's going on in my life every time I come back to the good ol' journal, I'm just going to skip regaling you with tales of sex, booze, evil deeds, computer buying, etc. (well, maybe I'll skip it most of the time…this time being the first instance of when I'll skip the narration…) Instead, when I write, or rather if I write, it'll be about whatever the hell is on my mind at the time, and if it sounds like crap when I read it later, so be it. The only way I'll ever get better at all this writing stuff is by letting a little bit of the creativity enter in the process that so far has been ruled primarily by my mental restructuring of everything that pours out of my fingers onto the screen. Getting past doing two revisions at the same time I'm writing something will surely make the quality of my writing decrease for a while, but hopefully in the end it'll benefit me.

Speaking of writing, I actually had a dream I remembered the other night. (Yes, I'm one of those poor souls that has a hard time recalling anything about the dreams that I presume I have (like most human beings) every night. I deal with it by occasionally coming out with an incredibly vivid soap-opera-type dream that seems to encompass everything and everyone I've ever known and ususally ends up with me saving the world somehow. Those are the dreams I remember, usually, and I'm quite satisfied with only having those and none of those so-called "bad dreams" others seam to have occasionally.) But I digress. This dream was not about me for once, or even anyone I knew. Instead, it involved a little boy. And it unfolded like a good book (or more rarely, a good movie plot). In fact, it was so enrapturing that I woke up, sat down at the computer and typed up a little storyline of the gist of the dream so I could flush it out into a story later. When? I don't know, later.

The main thing is, this dream story is a really COOL idea and even though it's probably been done before and my subconscious probably stole it from a mish-mash of Sci-Fi stories and bad movies, it's my idea and I'm going to turn it into a story. Not sure how long it's going to be right now, but I've been starting to think a lot about short-stories and how much I really love them. It's a fine art just trying to create an entire universe to immerse your reader in, subject them to a plot, and wrap it all up in a nice package in under 5-10,000 words; doing it well requires mastership of the pen. So, even though I'm pretty inexperienced with the whole short-story genre, I might try to give it a shot. They say usually it's how Sci-fi writers get their start, and even though I'm not planning on embarking on a new career, it would be "nice" to get to the point that Heinlein spoke of so often, where writing became an addiction, instead of an income provider. Of course, I say "nice" because it's a sometimes ugly addiction, but if I had to choose my vices, writing would definitely be at the top of the list.

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