What a Monday!

Posted: 2003-01-27 in General

Boy, I am totally psyched today. Not only do I get to participate in what is looking to be a killer collaborative effortTygerchild, but I may actually get this project of mine done ahead of the true deadline!

Now that it's a new semester in my leadership program here at work, we've swapped groups around. And of course, since I'm not the luckiest guy in the world, I wasn't blessed with the same great group I had last semester and instead am in a much more mediocre one. Not to say that this experience won't be good for me or anything, but these assignments are definitely taking MUCH MORE TIME than the ones of last semester, and not all of it is due to more difficult problems. My group (not my other group members, but my entire group) has got some major procrastination problems, and the effort level on the writing is dropping weekly. I'm not sure if it's a winter-blues-in-Syracuse thing (95+ inches of snow so far this winter!!!) or just how these folk are, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to get confrontational with 'em if they keep up the sub-par writings….

Anyway, the majority of this week is definitely going to involve catching up on cleaning my apartment, catching up on my work-work, catching up on my reading-for-fun time, and then, if I get the chance, I might try catching up on my sleep, too. We'll have to see though, as I've got a new library card and a nightstand full of lonely books waiting to spin me a good yarn or two…

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Currently Reading

Hocus Pocus by Kurt Vonnegut. If you haven't read this, really really be sure to check it out. The (ficticious) editor's note in the beginning is crucial, too. I'm going to quote an excerpt from it just so you can see how great this story is: The author of this book did not have access to writing paper of uniform size and quality. He wrote in a library housing some eight hundred thousand volumes of interest to no one else. Most had never been read and probably never would be read, so there was nothing to stop him from tearing out their blank endpapers for stationery. This he did not do. Why he did not do this is not known. Whatever the reason, he wrote this book in pencil on everything from brown wrapping paper to the backs of business cards. The unconventional lines separating passages within chapters indicate where one scrap ended and the next began. The shorter the passage, the smaller the scrap. Doesn't that just want to make you pick up this book, without hearing anything else? 🙂

Currently Watching

Nuttin. I'm on TV hiatus at the moment. Got some great great GREAT movie reviews coming up though…

Currently Listening To

The sound of snow falling softly on my car before I dig out a 3 foot-long extendable snow-brush to wipe it all off in the 10 degree weather.

Currently Thinking About

How much fun Februarium is going to be!

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