Bitter-post Blues

Posted: 2003-04-01 in General

Gah. I've been playing the invisible man online for just about forever. Part of it is being busy, part of it is just not feeling up to writing anything lately. I keep making excuses for why I am not going to sit down and post something, anything, anything at all. First I was sick. Then I was busy. Then the weather got nice for a week and I wanted to spend time outdoors.

Let's just face it…I suck at writing. Not so much the actual act of writing, which I think I do pretty well (at times), but the whole consistency thing. I'd never make it as a professional writer for many reasons, the foremost being that I can't commit myself to sitting down at a desk, typewriter or computer on a regular basis in order to write. Sitting down to play games? Sure. Settling into my office chair to check e-mail? No problemo. Staying up until the early morning hours in order to download bootleg movies, mp3's and software? Er…Not since college, but you get the point. It's not hopeless, but it's not too awful hopeful either.

Anyway, my once-prized iron discipline is rusting away in other areas, too, so I'm not going to get into anything more on this issue today. I don't want to make any resolutions right now and, looking back, realize that they're some sort of sick, twisted April Fools joke.

Notified readers don't make resolutions…they make reservations.

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  1. Derek Ham says:

    I do not believe.


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