Just Kickin’ It

Posted: 2003-06-08 in General
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This week I am relaxing and kickin' it in style from the one and only William F. Bolger Center. For those of you not familiar with this auspicious location (like, everyone), it's the U.S. Postal Service's main training facility in the DC Area. So what am I doing at a USPS facility? I already told you, relaxing and kickin' it in style. 🙂

This is the annual Leadership Conference where we travel 6 hours down to hotel rooms the size of walk-in-closets, spend a week trying to live a double life of staying awake during all-day lectures and partying all night in Georgetown and DC. Oh yeah, and get paid for it all. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Well it is, so if you're not jealous, you better have a nice cushy setting yourself, or something's wrong with you…

Anyway, we've got the afternoon off before the big week's kick-off this evening, so I'm just chillin' with some music and making sure none of my shirts or pants I plan to wear this week have any hugely disfiguring marks or wrinkles. My skill with an iron is legendarily bad, but I've only managed to burn myself once so far, so I'm pretty proud of myself.

Time to go…I've still got 3 hours worth of lounging to stuff into an hour and a half, so I better get crackin'!

Currently Reading

Pattern Recognition by William Gibson. It's much harder to get into than Neuromancer, which I absolutely adore, but I'm sure this one is going to be a winner, too. The premise of the main character's special "talent" is unbelievable…I'll write more about it later.

Currently Watching

Nothing. I'm trying to stay TV-free this week. Of course, I have the TV at home recording old Samurai Jack episodes and Fox's new Keen Eddie (a really funny show, if you haven't seen the pilot last week), but that'll be stuff I'll be watching when I get home.

Currently Listening To

I've been getting into audiobooks recently, since they really help turn a 20 minute drive into a blink of an eye and a 6 hour trip into something I can do without getting out of the driver's seat once. Currently in my playlist to finish are Gulliver's Travels, Bringing Out the Dead, and Paper Money. Finished The Great Santini on the way down, and sorta brushed through the intro to Tom Clancy's The Bear and the Dragon before I remembered how DENSE his books were and how hard it would be to get into them when they were in audio-form.

Currently Thinking About

Nothin' much. Just enjoying my "vacation."

Notified readers tend to be above jealousy, as long as the good things are happening to them!

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