The Drive By…or What You Can Hear on My Drive Home…

Posted: 2006-10-30 in General

*Transcripted from drive home on 10/26*

I still am not sure I like the word "blog" (which makes it ironic, considering the title of this one). I don't like "journal" or "diary" either – they sound too little-girlish for what this is supposed to be for me. I guess weblog is okay, but I've got to think of another word…I'll ponder that for a while.

Just recorded a 5 Minutes of Violet entry on this drive home today, and was thinking about how I really want to write more, but haven't spent any time doing it. I guess that's like saying, "I want money, but I don't want to work". Sort of nonsensical – but I'm not exactly sure yet what I'm going to do, since I've been spending so much time trying to get the house in order, and I've got to have a little bit of free time to watch some TV or read a book or listen to audiobooks, right? But I guess writing could be my fun thing to do in my spare time, so I have to think about that a little more and decide what to give up to allow me the time for writing.

I don't think I can invest enough time to participate in the NaNoWriMo activity this year. A novel of 50,000 words in the month of November is definitely beyond my reach right now, and I know that, and I know that I can't be that ambitious in my goals right now. But I do have a couple short-story ideas that I wouldn't mind outlining and fluffing out the details and pushing out a couple 5-10,000 word stories over the next few months.

I know the quality of those won't be all that good on these stories, especially on the first few drafts, but I heard a really interesting podcast on 43 Folders about the "shitty first draft", and I think that's sort of been holding me back – I've wanted to make things perfect the first time around and so I haven't written anything. And yes, my writing isn't great, but I think if I do that shitty first draft, and get my ideas out there, I can pound out a few thousand words, and fine tune it, and expand it, and come up with something halfway decent.

I was talking on my 5 Mins on Violet about Halloween this year, and that's going to be really fun. We're going to take Violet trick-or-treating for her first time, and she's dressing up in the tiger outfit that I wore, when I was 2 years old. It is a costume that was hand-made by a friend of my parents, with little orange and black onesie pajamas, with a little tail, and a hood with tiger ears. We tried it on Violet and it looks sooo adorable on her. So we'll put it on her, and take some pictures, and take her around to get some candy for Dee and myself to eat – Violet's too young still and there's no way I'm letting her get a cavity before she's 2 years old (now after, that's another story! 😛 )

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