Oh To Be (A) Regular

Posted: 2006-11-06 in General

I've never really been considered a "regular" anywhere (you know, a "regular" at a restaurant, pool hall, bar, etc). Partially because I've never had the time to commit to going to the same place all the time, and partially because I've never had the desire to. But all that changed today, at, of all places, Bojangles fast food restaurant.

Since I moved down to North Carolina, I've been going to this specific Bojangles restaurant fairly often on my way to work. They don't have Bojangles in the north and I really like their spicy chicken sandwiches and biscuits (and their coffee isn't half bad, either).

So anyway, for $3.71 a day, I can grab a cajun filet biscuit and a large coffee on my way to work, without driving out of my way or waiting in a long line. I'm usually back in my car and on the road within minutes, but that doesn't mean I haven't left a "lasting" impression on some of the people who work there.

One of the guys there (Jamel) started to recognize me in the mornings, and said hi to me every day, and pretty soon all the employees working the register recognized me by face (or when I'm wearing my packer hat, recognize me by hat). I started to get a little preferential treatment in some cases (pushing my small order ahead of large orders, even if they had also ordered the same sandwich). But it wasn't until today that Jamel knew exactly what I was going to order and entered it into the register without me having to say a word. So now, there are no two doubts about it, I'm officially a regular at the Bojangles of Harrisburg…at least for a few short minutes in the morning. Not my ideal place to be a regular, but hey, everyone's gotta start somewhere, right? Now I just need to move my way up to being a regular at the main dining establishment in Trump tower….

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