Brain Transplants

Posted: 2007-02-21 in General

I was talking to my wife and her family the other day about organ transplants, and we got on the subject of brain transplants. I know they are only fictitious right now, but would you want your brain to be on the list of organs you're willing to donate?

And if we could transplant brains, would your consciousness go with it, or would it be the original person who possessed the body who retains control of the body? Would they suddenly be good at math (assuming you were), or have your memories? What if only part of the brain were transplanted…could you meld a healthy hippocampus into someone who has had theirs damaged and can't form any new short-term memories? And what would this do to voluntary organ donor selection on drivers licenses, if people though there was a chance their brain would go into another person's cranium?

Yeah, that kind of stuff keeps me up at night, too 🙂

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