Vox Hunt: Dancing Machine

Posted: 2007-03-01 in General
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    Video: Show us some great dancing.

Not only can this car move, but it can transform…

When I was a kid, I LOVED transformers.  I must have had 20 or 30 different cars, trucks, and assorted other robots that transformed into household objects. 

My favorite was Soundwave, the robot-turned-cassette player, who of course, came with three cassette tapes, each of which transformed into a much smaller transformer (a bird, a tiger/cat, and a little robot that might or might not have been called Ravage.) 

My next favorite was Bumblebee, mostly because he was little and yellow and fast and I always rooted for the underdog.  I remember begging my parents to get Megatron, who transformed into a gun, but they were against the whole kids-with-firearms thing, even if it was just pretend, so that never went anywhere.

Sometime, I'm going to have to recount my memories of playing with transformers and watching the transformers cartoon, along with the first time I saw the Transformers movie.  Those were the days…

[Edit 17:03 – I just noticed the Vox Hunt title that was auto-generated when I posted this entry.  The pun is completely unintentional.]

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