QotD: Recess!

Posted: 2007-03-05 in General
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    "What was your favorite game to play at recess in grade school?"

    Submitted by Elisheva Chana.

Kindergarten – Sandbox
1st Grade – Swings
2nd Grade – Chasing girls
3rd Grade – Getting chased by girls
4th Grade – Kickball / Presidential Physical Fitness Test
5th Grade – Soccer
6th Grade – Soccer / 5-Card Draw Poker (when we were allowed to go do what we wanted)
7th Grade – Baseball (resulting in broken leg, ouch)
8th Grade – Dodgeball
9th Grade – Cross Country
10th Grade – Cross Country / Indoor Track
11th Grade – Cross Country / Outdoor Track
12th Grade – Cross Country / Ultimate Frisbee

Notice a pattern?

[Note: I know this went past "grade school" like was listed in the qotd, but I thought it was more fun this way.  I wish I still had a daily recess….]

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