QotD: One Month Left!

Posted: 2007-03-15 in General
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    "When do you file your taxes?  Do you do it yourself or get outside help?"

Seeing as my mother is a CPA and has been since before I can remember, I can honestly say that I've never had to do my taxes all by myself.  That's not to say I haven't done other people's taxes – before I got married, I did my girlfriend's tax return via TurboTax and it seemed a reasonably easy process.  I know the software my mother uses for my taxes is a little bit more complicated, but it also gets you a bit better return by breaking down your deductions and staying current with all the little tax laws for your state, etc.

Having a mother who consistently works 50-60 hours (or more) during tax season, however, I'm ALWAYS trying to get my tax info to her as soon as possible, so it doesn't interfere with her work schedule.  She says during tax season, that she works 6 days a week paid, and 1 day a week unpaid (doing the family's taxes).  If I can help it, I try to get my tax info in to her by end of February, so she can fit it in on some Sunday when she wants, rather than cramming it in at the last minute with all the other procrastinators in the family.  Plus, it's nice to have your tax return filed and the refund (if any) direct-deposited in your account earlier rather than later…since the government has been using my money to keep down the national debt all year long, it's about time that I get my money back and can start keeping down my own debt. 🙂

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