Totally Tubular

Posted: 2007-04-02 in General
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So Violet has just now recovered from her third ear infection of the season, making 6 or 7 total in her short 2 years on this planet.  Dee went to an appointment with the Ear, Nose, and Throat Dr. today (the pediatrician FINALLY relented to giving a referral for us to see one) and sure enough Violet's gonna have to get tubes.

I know that the surgery is very minor, and that there's not a whole lot of chance that there will be any complications.  And of course, having the tubes should REALLY help prevent any future ear infections for the next 6-12 months (after which, hopefully, Violet's past that stage anyway).  My brothers and I all had tubes and we turned out fine.

Still, the fact is that it is a surgical procedure, and Violet has to go under general anesthesia, and that's sort of scary.  Gives me a butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling just thinking about it.  In my head, I know she'll be fine, but I'll still be holding on to Dee's hand pretty tightly while we're waiting during the surgery…

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