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Posted: 2007-04-13 in General
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5 Things You Never Want To Hear From The Coworker Sitting Next To You

1. Yum, sardines and chili for lunch again!
2. Yes Mother, I know you wanted that massage, but I'm working late again tonight so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.
3. Well, he said I'm still infectious…but you know doctors – they're always trying to scare you with their medical mumbo-jumbo.
4. I wonder how long it would take the police to respond if I just starting shooting people?
5. Hey, I think one of my toenail clippings flew over the cube wall…could you throw that away for me please?

5 Sports/Games That Will Probably Never Make It To The Olympics…But Might Be Fun to Watch If They Did

1. Bumper Pool
2. Red Rover
3. Marco Polo
4. Simon Says ("Simon" gets to use his/her native language)
5. Russian Roulette

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