Saturday’s Chores

Posted: 2007-04-22 in General
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Today was a busy day!  In chronological order, I did the following:

1) Washed a kitchen full of dishes and cleaned up the kitchen
2) Installed some bookshelves in our sunroom
3) Fixed the mistakes I made while installing bookshelves in our sunroom
4) Plugged in the cordless drill to recharge the battery so I can install the last bookshelf in the sunroom tomorrow
5) Mowed the lawn
6) Decided not to weed-whack the places the lawnmower can't reach today and instead put it off until tomorrow
7) Surfed the Interweb while my daughter took her nap
8) Took my daughter for a bike ride
9) Put out some drainpipe extenders to keep the rain gutter outflow from tearing holes in the grass right where it exits the pipe
10) Fed my daughter microwaved chicken nuggets, canned corn, and a nutri-grain bar (yeah, wife was out to dinner with her sister, and I didn't feel like cooking anything)
11) Played with puzzles and toys with my daughter
12) Gave my daughter a bath and put her to bed
13) Got on the computer to type this

All in all, a pretty productive day.  Tomorrow my brother-in-law is holding a barbecue at his house, so not much will get done.  I'll put up that last shelf and edge the lawn, and relax the rest of the day…

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