QotD: Danger Is My Middle Name

Posted: 2007-04-27 in General
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    When was the last time you did something dangerous? 

    Submitted by Ross

This is a hard one…back when I was younger and a little more carefree, I did lots of dangerous stuff.  I remember the time I went mountain biking and had my bike (with me on it) slip off the trail and roll/fall down a 70 degree slope.  I managed to get free of the bike after a couple of rotations, and while I slid to a stop soon after, my bike was only stopped by the small tree that it broke in half when it hit.  My bike was fine; the tree was dead meat.  I started calling my old huffy mountain bike "The Tank" after that.

But I digress.  Lately, I've been playing it pretty safe.  I wear a helmet (and make my daughter wear one) when we go for a bike ride.  I obey traffic laws (mostly).  I'm not saying I don't get the old adrenaline going, but none of the stuff I do I'd really consider dangerous anymore.


So I guess, thinking back, the last dangerous thing I did was eat a bag of chips in my wife's presence while she was in labor at the hospital.  And for those of you laughing, have you ever thought to how a woman restricted from eating for 18+ hours and in excruciating pain from contractions would feel about you eating a snack in her vicinity?  Yeah, that was living on the edge, I'll tell you.

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  1. Steve Betz says:

    If she could've gotten out of bed, those might have been the last chips…ever.


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