5 Word Challenge: Drive Safe…Please!

Posted: 2007-05-16 in General
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This is a Public Service Announcement, brought to you by the good folks at 5 Word Challenge:

There is an emergent trend amongst drivers today…many of them are using their cell phones while driving, sometimes with disastrous results.  You've all seen it, Ms. Chatty Cathy or Mr. Talkative Ted steering with one hand while the other is in possession of that devilish device that allows them to not only take their conversation on the road with them, but results in most of them taking some or all of their concentration off road.  This behavior causes thousands of accidents each year, and the number of incidences of cell-phone related accidents is only increasing.  

A recent study has shown that driving while using a cell phone is at least as dangerous as driving under the influence with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level of 0.08 (legal limit in most U.S. states).  In fact, three of the participants on cell phones in the study rear-ended the pace car they were following, turning their mobile phones into immobile phones, so to speak (none of these three were drunk).  Furthermore, the study shows that it is the very ACT of the conversation that seems to cause the impairment in driving, so even using a hands-free set does not always remedy the danger.

It's generally thought that hands-free kits make calling-while-driving safer, but that to be truly safe and responsible, you should pull over to the side of the road to take a call, or ask if you can call the individual back.  Unfortunately, there are always going to be people, too phobic about missing that key business discussion or too addicted to talking to their friend/spouse/lover, that will continue to gab away on their phones while on the road.  

These people can't be helped, but you can do your part by taking up the challenge to save your calls for when you're stopped.  Drive defensively, and look out for these drivers and their swerving, late-stopping, slow-accelerating, aggressive behavior.  If we all do our part, we can reduce the incidences of cell-phone related accidents, and hopefully the finger of shame pointed at those recalcitrant individuals will force them to follow suit.  Hey, we can always dream, right?

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  1. Lightchaser says:

    Seriously. There are 2 driving-related things that get me so bloody pissed off I want to smack the person concerned senseless: one is talking on their phones while driving, the other is driving on the wrong side of the road i.e. facing oncoming traffic, just to save yourself the trouble of driving your car round to the right side. Both are unfortunately very popular habits where I live. You are just begging for a nasty accident if you do this. I wouldn't care if it affected only the offender but it endangers so many other lives as well!Love the way you worked the words into the warning, hehe. Meaningful, smart post!


  2. I feel duly chastised! Nice job being creative, and non sexual with this challenge. (I've been surprised by how many sex related responses there have been. Interesting. I wonder what words brought that out…hmmm things to think about)


  3. Ross says:

    Thanks for the comments. Immobile turned into mobile, and the rest just flowed from there. I didn't want to have three fictional 5 word entries in a row on my vox, so I am glad I was able to mix it up a bit…


  4. moran73 says:

    it is illegal to use the phone whilst driving in the uk but it doesnt stop anyone from doing it – can't people speak face to face anymore. i was cycling to work the other day when i was cut up by someone who didnt indicate, was busy chatting on his phone and who is sitting in the back? 3 children in their school uniforms.


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