Murphy’s Third Law – The Bathroom Door

Posted: 2007-05-21 in General
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Murphy's Third Law:

It is only when you are in the greatest rush to get inside the work bathroom that you throw your weight upon the solid, opaque wooden door, only to find that you just slammed it into the face of some unsuspecting individual six inches inside the door who is reaching for the door handle.

The converse also holds true – I have been said unsuspecting individual who needs to jump back to avoid a broken nose.  I'm quick on my feet, so I haven't been hit yet, but I'm sure that day will come….

P.S. I'm super-slammed at work and am probably going to have to bow out of posts for a little bit.  I may still throw something up here or there but for the sake of my sanity at the office, I must get some of this work done…

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  1. [atropos] says:

    Thank God for the cat-like reflex.


  2. Kevin Wolf says:

    The bathrooms at my old job were single-occupancy affairs, so this never happened, but I did have a tendency to kill people with the break-room door.


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