Google Gets Religious

Posted: 2007-06-11 in General
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Taken by my camera phone this past weekend on my drive home:

Yes, I braved traffic to pull over into the field, get out of my car, and walk over to snap a shot for everyone.  People were staring at me – I'm not sure if they thought I wanted to save the URL/number or if I was just some random nut-job taking pictures of banners.  I'm leaning towards the latter.

It appears this local church decided to use the google scheme to advertise their website.  If you go there, you'll see the same logo on their homepage.  As you can see, the font, color scheme, and even shadowing of the letters is suspiciously similar to the google homepage logo.

Not a bad advertising idea, actually, but I'm wondering if this falls under a violation of some sort?  Maybe they needn't worry as they're a non-profit religious group, but would they have a problem if instead they were advertising for a new eBay clone, or even a new local grocery store?  I guess I do need to learn a little more about copyright law

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  1. Being a non-profit means that they probably won't be expected to pay big $ damages, they could still be hit with a cease and desists order.


  2. Clever – I guess it's a good way to stop traffic! hehe


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