What Dreams May Come?

Posted: 2007-06-13 in General
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Last night, I had a weird dream.

I was driving on a highway, when a motorcycle pulled along side me and then passed me and changed lanes in front of me, so that I was now following it.  In my dream, I didn't really focus on the driver until the motorcycle was in front of me, at which point I realized it wasn't one person on the motorcycle, but two.

Okay, that's not the weird part, here's the weird part.

The couple on the motorcycle was having sex while driving on the highway.  The guy was sitting BACKWARDS, leaning back onto the handlebars, while the girl sat astride him like he was a…well, like he was a motorcycle.  She was driving, both literally and figuratively.

Just when I started goggling at this site, the guy gave a quick wave in my direction and they sped off at excess of 100 miles an hour, leaving me wondering if I had really just seen what I thought I saw.

Later in the dream, I pulled into the gravel driveway that led to my country estate (yes, this is a dream, I don't really own a country estate) and saw some movement out of the corner of my eye.  Yep, it was the same motorcycle couple, this time up against a split-rail fence (ouchies?) with motorcycle parked on its kickstand beside them.  And an elderly lady neighbor who owned the fence and property they were on was just coming out of her front door, broom in hand, to shoo them away.

I don't know if this dream means anything, or that I want to know what it means.  But it's nice to know my brain is keeping itself entertained.

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  1. [atropos] says:

    Freud would say that you are a horny man who likes excitement while you do the wild thang. I certainly hope it has nothing to do with finishing so quickly. But I see this as a cry for something. Maybe you should rent a bike and find out. šŸ˜‰


  2. Steve Betz says:

    oh — that was me on the bike.


  3. crankypants says:

    hahah! I think that was me with the broom. I shooed them away and then rode off on the broom.


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