Duct Tape Use #5687 – Replacement Window

Posted: 2007-06-27 in General
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I've passed this guy a number of times on the way to/from work.  It's been hard to get a picture of him since he drives about 50-55 miles per hour on a road where everyone else is going 70-80.  I think if he goes any faster, his new window would blow away.  Even duct tape has its adhesion limits.

And for those of you that say "Wait, duct tape is not transparent, how well would it work as a window?"  It may not be apparent in this picture (sorry, best I could do while focusing on driving on the highway), but the duct tape is in strips that run from the middle of the car to the rear.  Each strip is independent of the rest, even though they sometimes adhere.  It's sort of like one big blowing net of duct tape.  If you peer closely (in real life, not in the picture), you can see into the car.  I imagine it would be fairly easy for someone inside the car to see out (much like looking through a window screen – the closer you are to it, the easier to see through it).  Much like a window screen, I would expect this replacement window would fare best when it is not raining.

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  1. [atropos] says:

    Yikes! I hope I don't get that desperate.


  2. Steve Betz says:

    I'm thinking its not going to pass inspection next time.


  3. Yoganaught says:

    This is so funny! And I love that you keep seeing the car on the road–you can keep an eye on it!


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