Food-Ku: Lunchless

Posted: 2007-07-02 in General
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I forgot my lunch.
I guess I'll have to succumb.
I am Wendy's bitch.

I apologize in advance for any eye-gouging imagery this creates.  But not hard enough to keep from posting this 'ku.

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  1. Maggie says:

    hahaha….it's okay, i'll be the first to admit i'm a slave for wendy's fries. nice ku!


  2. [atropos] says:

    I only eat Wendy's fast food so I'm not going to rag on you for this one.


  3. Kevin Wolf says:

    I don't mind Wendy's, but that one item they introduced recently, the melt with the Jalepenos and the "cheddar" cheese sauce? Yeah, that was like eating Mayor McCheese's hangover vomit.
    NOT A FAN.


  4. [atropos] says:

    "Cheese sauce" should have said it all. I don't eat anything with cheese sauce on it, ew.


  5. Ross says:

    If I recall, that would be the 5-Alarm Jalapeño Spicy Sandwich, or something like that? I ate one of those on the way back to my house from the airport…let's just say I barely made it home before Mount Saint Stomach decided to erupt. I won't order one of those again, either.


  6. crankypants says:

    LOL poor thing.
    unless your lunch was a tunafish sandwich or something yucky like that. Then you're better off at Wendy's.


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