5 Word Challenge: Only a Game

Posted: 2007-08-19 in General
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The drawstring pouch hangs off his hip
         like a holster,
filled with glittering gold, shining silver
     and iridescent, opalescent

He reaches within, selecting carefully
         amongst his hard-earned treasures,
      the clicks and clatters music to his ears
             as he selects his most precious marble
                     by the eyes in his fingertips.

Chilled from its time in his desk drawer,
    his prize possession grows warm between his palms as
he rolls it

He readies the hazy bronze-colored glass, shot through
with sparks of
     amethyst and jade.


and smiles at the noise of his efforts,
     the clacks from the circle that provide
the soundtrack of his bliss,
the joy of success when playing for keepsies.

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  1. formance says:

    That's such a vivid description of playing marbles. Makes me want to dig mine out.


  2. [atropos] says:

    Nice, I like your kid serious approach to this.


  3. Joy says:

    Yeah, it brings back the whole memory. Thanks – those were happy times!


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