Are You Ready For Some Football?

Posted: 2007-08-24 in General
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Psst – Before you read any further, please note I'm talking about American football, not the better kind you play primarily with your feet.

It's about that time of year again, where pro-football fans hunker down on their couches and cheer on their teams, reveling in every pass, rush, sack, and touchdown.  The pre-season games have started, the teams get their first chance to really show off their new talent and plays, and the fans get a taste of the game to warm up to before the madness of the official season is upon us.

I'm a football fan.  Not a die-hard, paint-your-face-and-chest and scream-until-you're-hoarse fan (although this might be worth trying out one Sunday at home, to see how the wife and daughter react), but just a typical sports fan who enjoys seeing the competition, the well-crafted plays, and the superb athleticism of the players.  They may be overpaid (that's a topic for another day), but those NFL players sure put on a fun show.

With football season comes Fantasy Football.  I'm part of a league that plays on the fantasy football system hosted by Yahoo, with some friends of mine who are up in New York.  We each pay some money into a pot at the beginning of the season, throw a buck into the pot for each trade made during the season, and winner takes all at the end.  Of course, winner also has to pay for the Superbowl party, but they still make out okay.  And of course, they have bragging rights until the next season starts.  I really enjoy Fantasy Football because it allows me to be interested in games/teams I normally wouldn't care about.  Plus it's fun to talk smack with my friends and hash over what I coulda/shoulda done for my week's roster.  Even if I'm not very good (I usually finish about 4th or 5th place out of 10 teams), it's a fun and entertaining way to pass the season.

My fantasy league's draft will be Wednesday the 5th, the night before the first regular season game (yes, our league's commissioner is a procrastinator).  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get some good picks this year, but I'll be halfway back in the draft order, so I'll most likely get a couple powerhouses, a couple mediocre players, a couple sleepers, and a dud or two.  It'll sort itself out after a few weeks though, so I'm not too worried.

The Panthers Will Win Tonight...Hopefully
The Patriots Will Be Going Down Tonight

Also, a vendor who sells some stuff to our office had an extra pair of tickets to tonight's game of the Panthers vs. the Patriots, and guess who gets to go?  The game's at 8pm, so my wife and I managed to get the sister-in-law to babysit and we'll be heading down to Bank of America stadium to check out the pre-game festivities, enjoy some beer (well, at least I will…the wife is 5 months pregnant and therefore the designated driver), and then take in what should be a pretty fun game.  It probably won't be a nailbiter, given that it's a pre-season game, but it'll be my first actual attendance at a pro-football game, so I'm very excited.

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  1. Budd says:

    hope you enjoy the game. I don't play fantasy anymore. Not enough people around me interested in it.


  2. Steve Betz says:

    Enjoy the game tonight — its always sort of fun to go, I think. Like Budd, we had a fantasy league in grad-school, but I don't keep up with it anymore.
    There's a small vox-group "NFL" that I was in last year, and I thought there were some good discussions.


  3. KyleDavis says:

    Football season is always bitter sweet for me. I love watching the Seahawks, I grew up with them. The issue is my wife grew up in Boston….need I say more. She loves the Pats and I don't blame her for that, it's her team, but I can't stand them. A little bit of the old rivalry in me still I guess =). If they ever go to the Super Bowl aginst each other, I might have to go stay with my parents for a while HAHAHA (just joking…sort of)


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