QotD: Total Trust

Posted: 2007-09-11 in General
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    Who would you trust with your life?

Let's look at this a different way.  Who have I trusted with my life?

  • Airline pilots, too many times to count
  • Crazy Indian cab drivers
  • The Meineke mechanics who rotated my tires during an oil change and then forgot to tighten the lugnuts (yeah, when I started to drive out of the parking lot and the rear left wheel almost fell off, I decided not to trust them ever again)
  • The EMT crew and ER doctors and staff who helped after I collapsed at the end of a road race
  • My investment services company (oh wait, that's my life savings, not my life…doesn't count)
  • My parents
  • Myself, every time I get behind the wheel (surprisingly, so far I have warranted this trust)

EDIT:  I forgot to answer the other half of the implied question – Who have I not trusted with my life?

  • That drunken knife-thrower who wanted to use me in his act

  • Anyone who thinks they can drive while inebriated
  • Anyone who would pack a parachute for me
  • Any medical professional who hasn't seemed competent and willing to keep me in the loop on the status of my own health and any related issues
  • Mojo the helper monkey

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  1. "Myself, every time I get behind the wheel (surprisingly, so far I have warranted this trust)" lol


  2. [atropos] says:

    Hehe… I like the bullets!


  3. karen says:



  4. hahaha – my fav: Mojo. That's so random, so absolutely funny!


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