Fantasy Football Recap, Week 2 – Trouncing the Competition

Posted: 2007-09-18 in General
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Another week of fantasy football down, and now I'm 1-1!  As you can see by the score below, I crushed my competition this week with my oh-so-skillful choice of using Chad Johnson, Carson Palmer, and Kellen Winslow (ok, ok, it was more luck than skill involved here).  I would have had 27 more points if I had played Braylon Edwards, but who would have dreamed that the Browns would have done so well?  What a crazy offensive week (except for the Eagles…what's their problem?).


I now have the highest point total of anyone in my league, and am 4/10 in the rankings (three people still have a 2-0 record).  I'm starting to feel like I made some better-than-average decisions with my draft this year, and if Steven Jackson ever gets back on his game, I should be consistently in the top 3 for the better part of the season.  We'll see though…

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  1. IceCookies says:

    Congrats Ross on your success w/ the football pool. Now can you loan me $20 and I'll pay you back on Monday?


  2. Ross says:

    Hehe…I have to win the whole fantasy season to see any winnings from it. Talk to me come November/December, and we'll see…


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