The Problem With Cheating

Posted: 2007-09-19 in General
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Arrr…I was going to talk like a pirate through this post, but couldn't manage it.  Hopefully the story will make up for the lack of pirate phrases.

Imagine you're married, and dissatisfied with your relationship with your spouse.  You think your spouse doesn't understand you, that they haven't said a nice word to you in years, and your marriage is on the rocks, or at least, you're sailing right towards them.

Imagine you go online and find a kindred soul to share your troubles with.  Someone you could speak frankly and honestly with and who makes you feel appreciated.  Imagine the person you find is also in a troubled marriage, and vents their problems to you.  You form a special bond online, and it feels like every word of your conversation is filled with tenderness and understanding.

Imagine you finally decide to meet up in person.  You agree to meet outside a shop, each carrying a single rose so you can recognize one another.  Imagine you are about to meet the true love of your life, the soul mate you always thought was out there, but never thought you'd actually find.

Imagine going to the meet up…and finding your spouse there, holding a single rose.

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  1. Kevin Wolf says:

    This has the ring of urban legend to it. If these people weren't totally effed up, they might see that their spouse is actually capable of love and sweetness and try to find some way of rekindling that, rather than accusing the other of the very same crime they are guilty of. It's perfect, actually: I found my soul-mate, and BONUS–I'm already married to him/her!
    Not to do some investigation and see if this is real.


  2. Funny thing is after reading that article I couldn't understand why they didn't give it another go. Certainly both were looking to cheat, but the fact that out of all the people they met online they chose to cheat with each other sort of indicates that there was still an attraction there, even under the guise of anonymity. But maybe I'm a romantic at heart. Or just drunk.


  3. Ross says:

    I agree it sounds a little suspicious. I saw it posted so many different places (although some of them do reference or plagiarize other sites) that I figured it was worth posting for the entertainment value, true or not.And I agree with both you and EWQ – if the off-chance that this DID happen, they should be looking at this as a sign that there is something in their relationship worth fighting for. Of course, if they had done some counseling or talked about their problems, they probably wouldn't have ended up in this situation in the first place…


  4. snoringKatZ says:

    The Pina Colada Song come to life?


  5. Budd says:

    That is just hilarious and the reason why I would never attempt anything of the sort.


  6. JennyExiled says:

    I think if this happened to me I would just have to laugh. How could you not?


  7. That's exactly what I was thinking! That and EWQ and Kevin's idea that these 2 should be happy about the discovery and give it another go.


  8. grrrace says:

    if it's true, it's hilarious. hehe.


  9. Jen says:

    I read a story almost exactly like this in my bathroom reader; A couple in China are both secretly speaking to people on the internet, when they decided to meet they realized they'd been talking to each other. They then got into a very large fight over it. I also agree with those who have wondered why they didn't try again. Sounds like they're stubborn.


  10. Steve Betz says:

    I sort of hope this story is true. You'd think that there would be an epiphany of sorts that lets them rekindle their relationship — if they put aside all their accumulated baggage they actually do understand one another.
    Also, that's why i only have internet affairs with women with ISP's in different states.


  11. Yod says:

    And then there's the woman from a gaming community that I used to belong to that ended up meeting her internet romeo at a motel… turned out to be her uncle! ew


  12. snoringKatZ says:

    Yod wins for EEEEEWWW! factor!!!


  13. Lightchaser says:

    Oh gosh. This is the real-life version of the Pina Colada Song.


  14. OH, Ross! Dear innocent Ross… You've clearly never been in couples counseling or you already would have heard this one. Before the internet, it happened in the singles ads, and before that it probably took place via passenger pigeon…


  15. Ross says:

    Yep, I'm still young and naive…I love the idea of cheating via passenger pigeon…someone should make a comic out of someone writing a message on a small scroll, tying it to a pigeon's leg, and sending it on its merry little way, only to have it show up later that day when the husband/wife are eating dinner.


  16. Cori says:

    Ew! Uncle! Gross!


  17. Maggie says:

    hmm…why do i have the urge to bitch slap this couple? oh well, i guess they deserve each other…er, sort of.


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