mp3eme VOX: “Drive,” she said.

Posted: 2007-10-11 in General
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You have to listen to the lyrics to fully get the mp3eme connection, but I think it's worth it.

A bit of trivia – the narration part in this song is done by Mark Z. Danielewski, author of House of Leaves and brother of Poe (Ann Danielewski).  Both Poe and Danielewski reference each others' works heavily in their own work, and Poe has described her album Haunted and her brother's book as "parallax views of the same story".

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  1. W. B. Mook says:

    I love this album, and find it especially creepy and awesome having read a few chapters of House of Leaves. It's a tough fricken' read, though, and I put it down and still need to really cut into it.


  2. Bookmole says:

    [this is freaking excellent] Wow – thanks for pointing me in the direction of this. Downloading the album as I type. Good ole eMusic!


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