Posted: 2007-10-17 in General
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What's Bad: Coming out of a stall in the bathroom to find someone anxiously waiting for you to get out of the way so they can use the stall.  (Uncomfortable, to say the least.)

What's Worse: Being that other person anxiously waiting for someone to get out of the way so you can use the stall.

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  1. grrrace says:

    oh, snap. i think it's SO much worse for guys. hehe.


  2. LeendaDLL says:

    Worstest: Being out of the stall (at the SD bus depot) washing your hands, glancing in the mirror, and catching a TOTALLY BUTT NAKED, and clearly very high, woman walking out of another stall toward you.Exit stage left – at a rapid pace!


  3. Eli's Dad says:

    Thanks for the afternoon chuckle. I had so many jokes and comments in my head I think I blacked out. I'm going to abstain from the obligatory Sen. Craig joke and will refrain from turning your post into a discussion of proper bathroom behaviors as that is a topic for another day.


  4. Ross says:

    I may wait a few days, but I have a follow-up post on just this subject and a learned behavior amongst the people at my workplace. In the meantime, check out more bathroom-related comedic posts here and here. C'mon, you know you want to….(and you'll thank me later).


  5. (Fish) says:

    This was an almost daily occurrence for me; in the building I used to work in there was only one bathroom for 30+ guys and it was a single serving bathroom, one person at a time.I got over that sort of uncomforableness pretty quick.


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