A Rose By Any Other Name…

Posted: 2007-11-09 in General
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Various names, nicknames, or other ways I have been addressed by people during my life1:

  • Ross
  • Mr. Goldberg
  • Ross Goldberg
  • Roscoe (say the above fast, you'll see how some people got confused)
  • Goldberg
  • Big Goldberg (with my brother being Little Goldberg – unfortunately, now that he's taller than me, I think this would be different today)
  • Riss (I am pretty sure this was an unintentional typo in an email, but you never know)
  • Hey You
  • Dada, Dad, Daddy (by my daughter)
  • Rosaland (someone in elementary school thought my name was short for this and called me by it for a while to get my goat)
  • Dork
  • Fifer (Back when I wore glasses, some folks thought I looked like Paul Pfeiffer from the Wonder Years)
  • Raphael Naftali (my Hebrew name)
  • Motormouth
  • Assorted endearing terms (by my wife)
  • Sir (all too infrequently)
  • Assorted pejorative terms (by people who I have somehow pissed off)
  • Mr. Know-It-All (in a good way)
  • Mr. Know-It-All (in a bad way)
  • Madden (when I unconsciously imitate John Madden's mannerism of stating the obvious or all possible outcomes of a situation)
  • Ross-the-Boss (again, all too infrequently)
  • Teacher's Pet (this even went into my high school yearbook)

How about you?  Got any good names you've ever been called to share with everyone?  Post in the comments, or put a link back to your blog with an entry that shares them….

1Please note that these were all ways I've been addressed.  That doesn't necessarily mean I answered to them.

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  1. studio524 says:

    ROFL – Okay Ross-the-Boss, I'll play.
    1) Haze. By almost everyone who knows me. This is my real name.
    2) Hazel. By people, usually in an "offical" or accounting postion, who do not really know me and fail to look at the officially supplied information on my DL and/or credit card. Example: The woman who does the billing at my doctor's office. Look & learn, people before you piss me off.
    3) Hazey Daze. Mostly by my grandmother when I was growing up
    4) Studio. Mostly used by people in various forums who do not have a clue what my name is.
    5) My Hazey. By my husband.
    6) Pengy / My Pengy. By my husband
    7) Mrs. Guin. By my husband
    8) Mrs. Cerrato. Used exclusively by telemarketers
    9) Ms. Mac-Mick- Ah… Mac. EL. HEN. NEE. Used exclusively by telemarketers
    10) Mom / MomMom. Used exclusively by my son
    11) Bitch / Fucking Bitch. Used by almost anyone who has ever thought they could EVER win any kind of war with me.
    12) Utopianist. Used exclusively by people during political discussions.
    13) Freakin' Utopianist. *** See above
    14) Devil worshipper. My son's grandmother when she found out that I wasn't a Christian.
    15) Witch. See above
    16) Psycho. See number 11
    17) Psycho-Bitch. See number 11
    18) Bitch from Hell. See number 11
    19) Rrrrrr-ow. Used exclusively by My Little Soph.
    20) Bella. A former boyfriend (Siciliano)
    21) Hah-Zay. Used by anyone who is tryng to make my name exotic for some unknown reason.
    22) Miss. As in "Excuse me, Miss". Usually used by men who want to get on my good side for an [as yet] undisclosed reason.
    23) Young Lady. Used by my mother, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, etc. when they did not think that I was acting within my limits. This is also used by older men who feel the need to flatter
    24) Ma'am. Used by clerks, tellers, telemarketers, salesmen, etc
    25) Blasphemous Bitch. Written to me once in an email, from a United Christian Something or Other, that contained a foul-mouthed "review" of my art.


  2. CKesterson says:

    Interesting! A few various names that I've been called:
    1. Cat
    2. Cathy
    3. Miss Chesterson
    4. Miss Kestersos
    5. Bitch
    6. Hey, You…
    7. Blondie
    8. Babe
    9. Keith's daughter
    10. cak


  3. crankypants says:

    Oh lord, I could give you a long list just of the nicknames I have had from my sisters.
    and the most common mistake made about my first name IS "Rose". Or Bruce.


  4. grrrace says:

    oh gosh.grace (obviously)heyfat cow (it was an endearing term by an irish guy i was seeing. crazy irish. heh)gracie (but only a few people can call me that and get away with it. i will cut a bitch for calling me that)wifey (hehe. what? i think it's cute.)silly wifeymamahoney ma'am (which also makes me wanna cut a bitch. heh)uhm. gosh. those are the only ones that come up off the top of my head…


  5. W. B. Mook says:

    I have a strangely disproportionate number of service industry workers call me "Boss" when I'm in a check out line. I still don't get it.Boots comes up with a new nickname for me every two or three days, so I don't think I could even begin to cover all of them.Some of my friends refer to me as "Alf" or "Alpha," which is is my position in the Jeff Continuum. Strangely, I got designated as "Alpha" even though the person who started referring to us by greek letters met "Omega" first. (At the moment we have Alpha, Omega, Mu. Others have been given letters, but we're not really in contact with them so much, so it's not really an issue.)


  6. W. B. Mook says:

    P.S. Did you realize when you posted this that yesterday I had a post with the title "A Nose By Any Other Name"?


  7. Ross says:

    I so totally wish I could claim that I had. My first inclination was to entitle the post "What's in a Name?" but I had a sneaking suspicion I had already used that for a post title, so I went with this one. I think had I remembered your post, I would have had to somehow work in a link to it in my post, just to show how cool we truly are….


  8. W. B. Mook says:

    "Cool" in this case meaning "Dorky".


  9. Ross says:

    Yes, of course. Didn't you see "Dork" as one of the names I've been called in my list above? I broke that one out from the others for a reason 🙂


  10. Hannahbanana says:

    And I have just seen that I called my post what you said you were initally going to call this post. I need to get more original…


  11. Jen says:

    Ahhh where to begin.1. Pootie or Poots (family nickname but mostly used by my dad)2. Sissy by my brother3. Jenessa4. J-Ro 5. J6. J-ness 7. Jess8. Je-Ness9.Nessa10.Nessie11.Nessa the Loch Ness Monster12. JeCollin & Conessa (The conjunction of Collin (my bf) and Jenessa.13. Jenessa the rotten rose14. Nessy-poopy15. Ness16. Jen 17. Vanessa, 18. Genessa19. Jessica20. Janessa and other various fucked up spellings of my name.21. Fat Ass – my brother22. Motormouth23. Punkin -my dad onlyLucky for me, people usually just call me Jenessa.That's all I have for now, but I'm sure there are more.


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