I’ve Succumbed…

Posted: 2007-11-29 in General
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It was inevitable.  I fought it off as long as I could, but I have now joined the collective.

Now excuse me if I act like a n00b for the next few weeks while I figure out what the hell I'm doing and why I'm doing it.

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  1. W. B. Mook says:



  2. Ross says:

    It's too late. I sent out friend requests to everyone I could find who I was friends with in high school, and I think I may have poked someone. Or something. Help! Where's Facebook for Dummies when you need it?


  3. Red Pen says:

    I don't know a thing about Facebook. What's it all about?


  4. IG says:



  5. Steve Betz says:

    PS add me, my name is, oh nevermind.


  6. mariser says:

    well, you found me…{waves]


  7. Jen says:

    Man, I remember the days when facebook was something only college kids could join. And then they made highschool facebook and it all went down hill from there..Looks like they're letting anyone join these days. 😛


  8. Hieronymus says:

    Just be careful out there. I hear there's some serious Facebook ad privacy problems. I have an account but I've never been sure what to do with it and how it differes from the gazillion other "social" sites I'm on (and never use).


  9. Ross says:

    Noted, thanks for the warning. I'll keep an eye out for this.Mostly I see myself using this as a way to catch with folks I lost touch with over the years. I don't have a lot of use for social networking sites outside of making these kind of contacts. But since it appears there are tons of people I used to know on Facebook, it makes it easier for me to find them…and them to find me.


  10. LeendaDLL says:

    the newest "MySpace".


  11. Potty Mouth says:

    I am on there too. I don't think I ever visit it though. Occasionally, one of my cousins messages me on it and I have to go read that.


  12. W. B. Mook says:

    Mostly I see myself using this as a way to catch with folks I lost touch with over the years. Aha. Now I see why I don't use these sites. 90% of the people I "lost touch with over the years" are people I would rather hide from than seek out.


  13. Ross says:

    Heh. Growing up, I moved around so often and as this was in the days before prevalent email, I had only mailing addresses through which to keep in touch with people; in many cases, I didn't even have that. For the ones that I did contact info for, I was notoriously bad about corresponding with them.My ratios are probably the opposite of yours – 90% of the people I lost touch with are people I wouldn't mind catching up with. So far I haven't found any of the other 10% on facebook, but that doesn't surprise me in the least – in most cases, they weren't the type of people who would tend to foster a network of friends, whether in digital form or in real life.


  14. I'm still a hold-out, but hubby has a lot of fun, as do the 4 older kids and the 2 in-law kids. Make sure you sign up for growing gifts, pretty cool, and throw a sheep at someone for me, ok?


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