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Posted: 2008-01-15 in General
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You know how some people park in a parking lot about half a mile away from the entrance to wherever they're going, just so they can make sure they're completely isolated and don't get any unsightly dings from nearby cars? 

Doesn't it make you want to park your car right next to theirs, so they get pissed off that they went to all this effort to segregate their car and yet someone parked next to them?

I feel that way a lot of the time.  I hardly ever do it, though; I'm too lazy to walk so far from my car to the entrance of wherever I'm going.

*I swear I can hear some of these people mumbling "Gollum…gollum" under their breaths as they walk back to their cars.

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  1. lol, my mom does that it's so annoying. or she'll be like "It's okay we need the exercise!" okay seriously, 15 feet is not going to be enough to matter. PARK UP FRONT WOMAN!!!!
    or you can always just let loose a shopping cart when it's windy, that's always fun too (=


  2. Ross says:

    Oh see, my mother does the exact opposite – she'll drive around for 5 minutes just to get a parking space two rows over that is one effective space closer to the entrance.


  3. i do that sometimes, depending on where i am, how far out the spots are, but sometimes I just give up and pick any spot


  4. mumof4 says:

    Hubby parks far out for the fear of dings etc. Drives me mad. Always remember people going to the gym would circle round and round for ages to get a spot closest to the gym entrance which I always thought was quite ironic!!


  5. Ross says:

    That's too funny. Of course, maybe they're planning to work out sooo hard at the gym that they'll have to just collapse into their driver's seat when they get out, so they want to make sure they can make it to the car!


  6. grrrace says:

    sometimes i park far away, but only because i'm too frustrated to drive around to look for a closer spot. and when i actually do park far away, i always try to park RIGHT NEXT TO the sports car/SUV who is trying to avoid dings. i like to park RIGHT UP AGAINST the lines. i am awful. i know.


  7. crankypants says:

    Well, my first new car was dinged in a parking lot within the first week of having it. After about 10 years, it looked like it had been through a war and I could not identify ONE mark on the car that I did to it. Okay, well there was one, but it was only paint that rubbed off from a column in a parking garage ONTO my car. Anyway, there were all kinds of huge scratches & dents, missing hubcaps and pieces of moulding, so now that I have a car that I like (and already scratched up myself) I will park away from all the other assholes that don't know how to pull in or out of a space properly, or open their door without hitting my car. I won't park a million miles away next to a dumpster behind the building (the way someone I know does, and she's got OCD) but I will park in the middle or back of the parking lot and walk. There are people for whom a few extra yards of walking makes a difference, even if they don't have the handicapped tag. I let them have it. I don't mind walking and I really get pissed when people ding my car. I prefer to avoid as many a-holes as I can!
    Also, in mall parking lots or shopping center parking lots, sometimes the people that park far away are employees who are told not to take up all the close spots.


  8. So your the ASSHOLE who parked so close to me I couldn't get into to my car, and dinged it up to boot! Just cause you don't care what your car looks like don't treat other peoples property with the same lack of respect. I left you a gift for your thoughtfulness and consideration, it's a poem, I keyed it on your hood, ASSHOLE!


  9. Ross says:

    Good points…I agree that people should learn how to open their doors, and until then, it may be safer to stay away from the masses.


  10. Ross says:

    Haha – I think back in college I left a similar message on someone's car who parked me in while I was parked in a parking garage – I had to end up climbing into my car through the rear passenger door and climbing over the seat in order to get my car out of its spot, because of the idiots who had parked me in on either side.


  11. Pete379 says:

    What about the people who can't be bothered to park within the lines, too far over on one side, causing the car in the next spot to park the same way. Or the ones who think their "hot" car needs to take up 2 spots.


  12. I had that happen to me this last weekend and my brother and I got stuck waiting for the asshole in the snow, we were not happy when he returned, he's just lucky I managed to stop my brother from killing him, I only did so cause then we would still be blocked.


  13. dutterman says:

    I've parked right next to the "isolated" car in the past. Pretty funny. At first, I thought your post was from a Pretenders song. Should've known.


  14. R.G. Ryan says:

    So, yeah…not only do I WANT to park right next to them…I actually do it! Does that make me a bad person????


  15. Wouldn't want that car to be lonely, huh? Or in-secure, maybe? Safety in numbers? Why, you're doing them a favor! How civic minded you are! (And we all know the way to avoid weight gain during the holidays is to park farther away and walk!)


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