I Think This is Where I Came In?

Posted: 2008-02-27 in General
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It almost snuck up on me, but I remembered to check last week and see exactly when I had first posted here on Vox.  If you haven't guessed already, that was a year ago, today.  I'm not going to make too big a deal out of it, but I'm pretty proud of my year here on Vox.  I feel like this is the first blog I've kept where I have actually written things on a regular basis, and made an attempt (sometimes) to write quality (in my opinion) posts (and even occasionally posted them for others to read!)

I'm going to copy Dave's format and list some links below to recap my past year's posts.  Some are funny or interesting, and some may only be of note to me, but if you haven't seen them before, you might want to take a look to see what I've been doing here for the past year.

Total posts since joining Vox (not including this one): 405 (~34 posts a month, or a little over a post a day, on average)

Looking back, I'm pretty happy with how this blog turned out over the past year.  I'm just going to keep writing and hope I can say the same next time we make it around the sun.

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  1. grrrace says:

    happy voxiversary 🙂


  2. Steve Betz says:

    Happy blogiversary Ross! I'm glad that you've shared yourself here the way you have — consistently thoughtful and funny.


  3. Jay says:

    Happy Day to you Ross!!!


  4. Lightchaser says:

    It's always nice to read your viewpoint. Happy Voxiversary 🙂


  5. Good on you, sir! Glad we have you.


  6. Eli's Dad says:

    Happy voxiversary. Always enjoy reading your blog. The ceiling fan entry was hilarious. I think you were the first person to comment on my blog which I appreciated. I'll have to go back and read some of your earlier entries.


  7. Happy Voxaversary!


  8. Ross says:

    I should warn you – entries posted on this blog before Feb 27th 2007 were carried over from archives of other blogs I have had. Although there may be a few decent entries in there, I think they're buried in a load of junk – I haven't gone back through in a while to see whether any of it is actually worth keeping, so for now, I'd recommend just checking out posts within the last year if you want to "catch up" on my archives.


  9. crankypants says:

    Happy Voxiversary Ross!
    If you posted pet pics you'd probably be the most diversatile Voxers ever! 😉

    LOL—I just saw that you belong to a group called "Starbucks Makes Coffee That Tastes Like Cigarette Butts" that's a new one to me!


  10. Red Pen says:

    Congrats on the milestone and keep up the great writing!


  11. Ms Genevieve says:

    Happy Anniversary Ross! How cool to be your first neighbor (still on vox). I didn't know that. You're one of my Favorite Neighbors and without you I never would have found my passion for writing Haiku's!!!


  12. stevie says:

    Happy Voxiversary! I hope I make it a year too.


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