New Group – I Declare SHENANIGANS!

Posted: 2008-04-10 in General
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Hi folks,

Because of MiamiShyner's recent post, I decided to make a new group here on Vox called "I Declare SHENANIGANS!"  I sent invites out to a few folks in my 'hood but didn't hit everyone up.  However, if you're interested (see description below for more information), I'd love it if you joined the group.  Oh, and I'd love it even more if you have some old rants or posts of your own that you could repost to the group to get the content level up.  Thanks!


(From the group description):

Have you ever wanted to call someone out for their actions but instead just sat, fuming?  Maybe it was that non-handicapped person who parked in the handicapped space, or the guy who tried to pass you in traffic, only to slow down once he got in front of you?

Well, here's your place to vent, tell the world what happened, and (possibly) share photos of the transgressors!  Tell the world you're not happy, and say, "I Declare SHENANIGANS!"


I've reposted some of my old entries to the group as examples of what I was envisioning.  Hopefully you'll have some more to keep the shenanigans declarations coming!

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  1. My personal take on this is that by dwelling on the negative you are calling more negative experiences into your life, it is better to try and concentrate on the good experience and let the negative people dwell on the negative they're better at it anyways.So thanks for the invite but I won't be joining, cause I will be claiming the fun and joy and happiness for myself while you dwell on your negative experiences.


  2. Ross says:

    I can understand your viewpoint, but I am almost exactly the opposite in how I feel about these kinds of posts – one good vent and it's out of my system. Plus, I get some fun and joy and happiness out of calling them out on it, and on the very slight off chance that they (or someone like them) ever sees it, maybe they'll learn something from it.


  3. Hey if it works for you, it didn't for me (37 yrs have proven that)


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