Help Tell Amazon to “Ditch the DRM!”

Posted: 2008-06-11 in General
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Earlier this year, bought  Audible is a great site, but the Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions on the audio you purchase there can keep you from using your purchased content in the way you want to use it.  Amazon has made a public statement that they will remove DRM from Audible if "customers start to complain".

Richard Jeong decided to make it easy for you to chime in with a complaint by creating the site Call An Audible. If you go there, you can find a link to send Amazon a comment with your thoughts on the issue of DRM on Audible content, and sign his online petition to get this DRM removed. 

Even if you're not a current audible user (or don't plan to be one), the more people we can get to complain to Amazon, the more seriously they'll take our request to remove DRM from Audible content.  If you'd like to help try to deal a death-blow to DRM on Audible (and hopefully, to other sites that will see this as an example), I ask that you please take a couple minutes to go leave Amazon some feedback on this issue and sign the petition

Help tell Amazon to Ditch the DRM!

Oh, and in case you're interested, here's what I sent to Amazon:

I am writing to request that you remove DRM from your Audible media items.  I have never been a fan of DRM and have actually avoided purchasing anything new on Audible due to the problems I've had in the past between compatibility with the purchased audiobooks and my mp3 player.  Although it has supposedly been fixed, I want to know that I OWN what I have bought and can play it on ANY PLAYER, not just the one that I currently own that is audible-supported.

If you were to remove DRM from Audible, I would immediately sign up for a 1-2 book a month subscription.  Until then, I feel no need to spend money on something I don't completely own outright. Please make myself and thousands of others want to buy Audible content again, and remove DRM from the content you are offering.

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  1. mad-tante says:

    done, I'm impressionable 🙂


  2. W?M says:

    well it would make sense, seeing as their music mp3s are unrestricted.


  3. Ross says:

    Yes, you'd think so. And if we're looking at precedents, Amazon's own take on books might be something they can use as well – basically, they believe with music and books, once you purchase it, it is yours to do with as you'd like. Audiobooks look to be the sole exception still, but hopefully that'll change in the future.


  4. patapete says:

    Done and done, sir!


  5. Sherbs says:

    I downloaded a AA file today and tried to move to MP3 and despite the option, It doesn’t work.. Seriously Amazon what are they up to.. I’ve seen better sites come out of bedroom web designers from the 80’s. I’m looking for a refund.


    • Ross says:

      Sherbs – I’m still not an Audible customer, primarily due to the ridiculous DRM imposed. However, if you have something you purchased, you should be able to create an audio CD of your file (I believe 1 copy is licensed under your purchase agreement?) If you can create an audio CD, you can then turn right back around and rip that CD to .mp3 files using any of a number of applications (including iTunes or Windows Media Player). It costs you the price of the blank CDs, but at least you’ll have your Audible file in .mp3 format!


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