Fantasy Football Week 3 – You Win Some, You Lose Some

Posted: 2008-09-23 in General
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This week, I came out with one win and one loss.  But in both cases, I felt much better about my teams as my players actually had some good performances – the fact that my opponent managed to outscore me is a little bit of a sore point, but I have to blame the fact that I left Houshmandzadeh on the bench this week (who would have believed he would have had 140+ yards receiving and a touchdown against the Giants?)  Otherwise, I would have had two wins under my belt for the week.

Speaking of wins – how crazy was the San Diego / Jets game last night?  I was watching in the hopes that my receiver and running back would clinch the games for me – when the Jets first picked off Rivers and ran it in for a touchdown, I was sure the Chargers were going to end up with their third loss of the season.  But their defense really stepped up and started putting the pressure on the Jets, forcing Favre to return the favor with a couple of interceptions of his own.  It looked like Favre is still a little shaky trying to work out the details of the Jets' offense (even though he rallied back a bit towards the end of the game) – let's hope he gets back in the saddle in the upcoming weeks, as he's my backup quarterback when it looks like Romo is going to have a bad week.

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