Published (Thanks to My Wife and Budd)

Posted: 2008-10-03 in General
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About this time last year, Budd posted that had selected his essay for the Vitamin Epiffunny of the Week.  I subscribed to their newsletter so I could read his essay in its published form, and decided that I'd try to submit my own at some point in the future.  Of course, I promptly forgot about trying to put anything together until a couple of weeks ago, when the purse incident with my wife occurred and struck me as the perfect submission for a Vitamin Epiffunny.

A little over a week ago I finally put the finishing touches on a revised copy of the purse incident and submitted it to the Epiffunny site.  I just got word back yesterday that it was purchased as this week's Vitamin Epiffunny!

The Vitamin Epiffunny of the week is only published in an email newsletter, so if you would like to read it when it comes out, you can subscribe to their newsletter here (it's easy to unsubscribe later if you'd like).  After the newsletter is sent out, I'll also be archiving a copy here on Vox for my own reference, so if you can wait until next week, you can also read what I submitted. 

As Budd said, although there wasn't much money in the sale of this piece, the fact that I sold it is symbolic and exciting to me, as this is the first time I've tried to market anything I've written.  I've no plans at the moment to try to put anything else out there, but my efforts to re-evaluate how I've been spending my time have resulted in an increased level of creativity and production in the times I've spent writing, and I do have some shorter stories I'm in the process of finishing 1st drafts on that might end up in a slush pile sometime down the line.

For now though, I'll just forward on this Epiffunny newsletter to everyone in my family and thank Budd and my wife for giving me the right set of circumstances and the right "publication" for the piece.

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