Two BSODs for the Price of One

Posted: 2008-10-08 in General
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There I was, minding my own business, typing a Vox entry into my text editor at lunch today when suddenly I am bathed in the cool blue glow of a Blue Screen of Death. 

Parity Error, it says. 

"I'll give you a parity error to bitch about," I growl to the machine, as I stab at the button that will reboot the operating system and wash away any hopes I had at finishing up my post during my lunch break.

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  1. grrrace says:

    oh nooooo. that's the worst…


  2. It's F you times two.


  3. Ross says:

    Wow, you've nailed the sentiment perfectly!


  4. Cori says:

    Yuck. BSODx2 is even worse.


  5. lauowolf says:

    how can a supposedly inanimate object convey such venomous hatred?


  6. vu says:

    someone should create an apples blue screen of death too.


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