’90s Music Monday: Screaming Trees

Posted: 2008-11-03 in General
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When I ask people if they recall the Screaming Trees, most folks give me a puzzled look.  Some of those with better memories might recall their hit "Nearly Lost You" from the album Sweet Oblivion, which made it big, in part because it was part of the soundtrack to Cameron Crowe's movie Singles.

Nearly Lost You
Screaming Trees

Of course, judging the Screaming Trees by this one hit is akin to judging Elvis Costello by "Veronica" – sure, it gives you some idea of what kind of chops the band has, but in no way can give you the breadth of their talents.  I urge you to check out some of Screaming Trees' other albums, as there is some excellent stuff to be found (especially on Uncle Anesthesia).  Unfortunately, Sweet Oblivion is the only album I've got in .mp3 format right now, so I'll post a couple other tracks from the album that might help you decide if a little grunge by the Screaming Trees is right for you:

First up – "Winter Song" – a little slower and more mellow, this may be my favorite track on the album:

Winter Song
Screaming Trees

Next, "Troubled Times".  When people who really liked "Nearly Lost You" ask for me a recommendation for another track, this is the one I recommend.  Very similar in feel to that song, it's also got a little bit of an Alice in Chains type feel to it:

Troubled Times
Screaming Trees

If you liked these, be sure to check out Uncle Anesthesia and Screaming Tree's final album Dust.  Or you could follow up by checking out lead singer Mark Lanegan's followup act – (Queens of the Stone Age) or his latest efforts in a duo called The Gutter Twins with former Afghan Whigs vocalist Greg Dulli.

[NaBloPoMo 2008 – #3.2 / 30]

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  1. mariser says:

    !yay! for music-I-didn't-know-about. I'll be listening.
    wasn't familiar with Screaming Trees, but I like Queens of the Stone Age and the little I've heard of The Gutter Twins


  2. crankypants says:

    Duh. I'd heard OF QotSA but did not know that ML was part of that band. I have the Gutter Twins album, which is pretty good. They are here in town on Weds. I kind of want to see them but I am so lazy and I may be going out on Thurs & Fri as well. I love, love love "Nearly Lost You", any time I hear it it sticks in my head all day.
    I think Lanegan's voice was best with Screaming Trees, he should have quit smoking, now it's just too gravelly, like I want to clear my throat for him.


  3. grrrace says:

    i used to loooove screaming trees! haven't listened to them in a very long while…


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