Advertising Blunders – The Legacy Way

Posted: 2010-03-25 in General
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You may think your company name sounds cool, but a few words of advice:

When comparing two different techniques, "The Old Way" and your method, AKA "The Legacy Way" sound suspiciously similar.  In fact, you may not know this, but the word "legacy" actually implies your method is old, and possibly obsolete.  It certainly does not give one the impression that you are the the innovative, cutting edge, and successful process that you are trying to promote.

It's probably too late to change your company name, but I'd look at hiring a different advertising firm in the future.  They seem to be a bit of a legacy themselves.

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  1. crankypants says:

    heh, and he's fooling himself if he thinks he's leaving a legacy of anything but baldness for future generations.


  2. I briefly glanced at the ad the first time and thought, "Wow, Eric Stoltz has really hit a hard patch, huh?" Clearly I need some coffee. And maybe some better glasses.


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