Birthday Extravaganza

Posted: 2010-04-09 in General
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Today is the Color Princess' 5th birthday.  I can't believe she's 5 years old already! (Of course, from her demeanor, you'd sometimes think she was 11 or 12, but that's the subject for a whole different post.)

For her birthday today, CP gets an afternoon of Mom and Dad all to herself – Dee's sister is coming to babysit the Tenacious Bean so we can take CP to her first movie-theater movie (How to Train Your Dragon), followed by a trip to Chick-Fil-A for a special treat of chicken nuggets, waffle-fries, and a milkshake.  She's going to be so excited!

This wasn't all of the birthday celebration the CP got this year, though.  We had a surprise party for her earlier this week when all the family could get together – it was an absolute blast:

When the Color Princess walked in the door, she was blown away by the streamers and decorations my wife had put up while she was over at her cousin's house.  Here's the CP and her cousin posing in front of the fireplace decorations:

She loved her birthday cards (this one lit up when you pushed a button) and her summer-themed presents (two swimsuits, a play sprinkler, and a giant wading-pool).

She adored her cake (princess-themed, of course), and even her sister got into the festivities a bit.  Everyone had a great time, and the CP can't stop talking about how much she loved her birthday.  I think it was a hit, don't you?

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  1. crankypants says:

    Awwww she's adorable. Your family is really cute. It's nice to see kids get excited over the simple stuff kids *should* get excited over. I can see the 12 year old in her in that 3rd picture! 🙂 Glad it was a hit and have fun today!


  2. patapete says:

    Happy Birthday, Color Princess!


  3. snoringKatZ says:

    Looks like a fantastic celebration! And, if I may say so, Dragons was grrreat!!! Mr. sKatz and I agreed we could have done without the 3D (and corresponding $2 ticket premium) but the movie was terrific fun. The water… wow!Chik-Fil-A waffle fries? Sounds like a perfect birthday roundup to me!


  4. Lori says:

    Super cute! I love that you call her CP.


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