Vox Ain’t Dead, But It’s Pretty Damned Close

Posted: 2010-09-02 in General

With the recent announcement that Vox is shutting down and forcing everyone to either transfer their blogs or lose them forever by the September 30th cutoff date, I felt it was about time to make the leap and finally jump over to my new blog.  I was double-posting here and on Vox for a bit, in the attempt to get the feel for this site while still maintaining connections with the community over there.  That’s done, and I’ll only post here from now on.  Right before Vox shuts its doors forever I’m going to transfer over any comments people make on this post about their new blog locations (if they choose to have one) to this post, for record-keeping purposes.  Of course, you can feel free to post here in the comments instead, if that suits you better.

You’ll be hearing from me again soon – I’ve got a few more things to wrap up for work and then I’ll be back at the computer again and posting regularly.  See you soon!

  1. grrrace says:

    thanks for all the info! i couldn’t even log into my old vox account, though… so i have no idea what i lost. 😦

    take care! i’ll put your blog on my reader. 🙂

    i’m mostly just on FB now, even though i hate it there. what can you do when everyone and their mom’s there, though…


    • Ross says:

      Grrrace – They’re not limiting access until the end of September. If you can’t log in, I’d do the password retrieval and get your password, and/or send a help note to the Vox admin team and get access. There’s so much stuff you wrote that is worth saving to read years down the road!


  2. Morgaine says:

    I had been doing the same, posting on my blog, and importing all entries from Vox using Wp-o-matic. The only disadvantage of my self hosted WP blog, is the lack of community.


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