The Monday Morning Haiku #1

Posted: 2010-10-11 in Monday Morning Haiku
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Inspired by Chris of, I think I’m going to start writing a Monday-morning haiku every week, titled, originally enough, The Monday Morning Haiku. It might sum up the weekend, or how I’m feeling, or provide you with a 17-syllable thesis on my opinion of Reality TV (oh wait, that would just be the word “crap” repeated 17 times). I got a late start this week – the haiku was written this morning, but the followup for the rest of the post had to wait until lunchtime.

So, without further ado, here’s Monday Morning Haiku #1:

Chauffering my kids
makes me wish my auto had
better gas mileage.

[NOTE: The rest of this post is just a weekend recap; it’s a little long so feel free to skip it if you’re still reading this far into the post.]

I really did feel like a chauffer this weekend, but looking back, it really wasn’t ALL that much time behind the wheel. But with such a chock-full weekend of activities, everything sort of blurred together and the car was a constant linchpin around which everything else revolved.


  • First, I took the girls to Tot Shabbat – it’s a once-a-month Shabbat service intended for kids 6 and under, and is a really fun introduction for them to the concept of Shabbat services. One of the Rabbis usually leads the service, and as he also plays the guitar, the service has lots of music and songs and a kindergarten-appropriate story-like “sermon”. There are a couple of people on the committe that follow up the service with snacks and some sort of craft project (this time was “create and decorate a mezuzah”). The girls always like attending these events, and I’m happy that it gives them a little bit of a taste of Judaism outside the home while remaining fun.
  • We returned home just in time to turn around and head back out to the local “Fall Fest and Car/Motorcycle Show” sponsored by the local YMCA. The girls got to have their faces painted (which rubbed off on every nearby surface at the first available opportunity), jumped in a giant-sized bouncy-house, checked out a few classic cars, and got a lollipop from people passing out flyers for a daycare chain (Ruckus House). Showing excellent child-care sense, the women passing out flyers offered the girls the lollipops before checking with their parents to see if it was ok to give them candy at lunchtime (not that we were looking to send our kids somewhere, but we weren’t too impressed with this).
  • We had a “picnic” lunch at Sonic (yum!) and then it was back to Casa de Bedlam for an afternoon of face-time with Daddy while Dee went and did her CPR/AED/First Aid training for her fitness certification.
  • Manwiches, a little TV time, and an early bedtime wrapped up the (exhausting) day.


  • While Dee went to weight watchers, the kids played on the computer and I did some dishes. Soon after she came back it was time to head back downtown with the CP to her Sunday School where she learned all about Rosh Hashanah and I got to sit on a couch and drink coffee and futz around on the internet. (Yay for some relaxation time!)
  • After religious school was over, the CP and I stopped by the local McDonald’s for a special Daddy/Daughter lunch (and the CP got to play on the indoor playground for a little bit).
  • Then it was off to the mall, to take Dee’s diamond ring and earrings to get their semi-annual inspection (they cover loss/damage of the stone as long as we bring them in every 6 months to make sure the settings aren’t loose). We didn’t waste a lot of time, because we had to get back home so I could grab a haircut.
  • After said haircut, I returned home and Dee and I got ready and left the kids in the care of our very-mature-and-not-too-expensive babysitter (i.e. my niece) while we went out for a nice dinner on the town. Mickey and Mooch‘s, to be exact. Some delicious entrees and a couple of drinks later, we made our way back home in time to tuck the girls into bed and hit the hay ourselves.

All in all, a REALLY fun weekend. I just hope I can figure out how to get a nap today to regain some energy for this week!

  1. SteveB says:

    Saturday Errands
    A Grand on New Dishwasher
    Pour me a stiff drink


  2. leendadll says:

    did you see that CrankyPants linked to some kind of haiku site?

    sounds like a nice family weekend. i did NOTHING… literally never changed out of pajamas or set foot outside.


    • Ross says:

      I saw that! Pretty cool – I might check that out today if I have a chance…

      Sometimes I have weekends like that – it’s nice to just take a break from everything occasionally and do absolutely nothing 🙂


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