Posted: 2011-01-14 in recaps
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My daughter’s school has been cancelled every day this week.

Monday I could understand.  We have 4-5″ of snow in the south with no resources to deal with it.  My work cancels, we all stay home and have a snow day.

Tuesday is even more understandable. 1/4″ of ice on top of snow/slush meant driving is a treacherous as it will ever be in North Carolina. I wouldn’t trust a Mars Rover to that stuff, let alone a school bus.  My work has a delayed opening, and an early closing – I manage safely but there are lots of cars in the ditch as I drive on the main roads.

Wednesday…well, we still have some ice on the roads, so I guess I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt here.  My wife is starting to go stir crazy as she stays home with the girls for the third day in a row.  Work has a delayed opening again, but the roads seem fine by the time I get out there.

Thursday is silly.  There’s still ice/snow on the shoulders, but the roads are pretty much all clear.  I have a full day at work and think the winter storm is over and done.  My wife catches herself speaking in tongues after dealing with the girls all day, for the 4th straight day in a row.  I’ve hidden all the sharp implements in the house just in case she impulsively decides to carry out a ritual sacrifice of the next-door neighbor’s puppy.

Friday, school is cancelled yet again.  I have my regular workday.  My wife packs up the girls and heads to the YMCA, where the daycare is open.  I expect she will have the most amazing workout of her life (because even if she feels like crap, she won’t be taking care of the girls!)

Now to work out the crazy make-up day schedule they’ve got set up.  My daughter is NOT going to appreciate going to school on Saturdays for the next two weeks!

  1. Budd says:

    We got about 18 inches on Tuesday night/wednesday. School and work were closed on Wednesday only. sometimes schools over react. On the bright side looks like you can have a date morning the next few Saturdays.


  2. leendadll says:

    Flamingo Dancer commented about a 27,000 piece jigsaw puzzle being set out at a community center by her, to prevent insanity due to boredom from the AU floods. Perhaps you should keep one on hand at home!!


  3. Jonathan says:

    That’s one thing about living in the Northeast – we’re pretty ready for almost any kind of weather. We had 22″ here and they were home 2 days (Wed & Thu), back to school today. Many schools went back to school yesterday, which was definitely possible (my wife went back to work).

    But I was definitely ready to push the girls into a snowbank by the end of yesterday (I work, and I use that term loosely on no-school days, from home).


  4. snoringKatZ says:

    I wonder if it was just a matter of “Take 4 more and call it a week” – easier to not round everyone up for one or two days. Or maybe they had a boiler break or some other bit of fun. Since I’m home most of the time with my adult child and my child child, I understand the need to run screaming from the building. Even after 7 years of studiously constructing a Wall of Ignoring You, they still find their way in. I feel for the newly entrapped.


  5. Margy says:

    Somebody in the school department is definitely over reacting!


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